Internet Privacy Consultants Announces Limited Run of

The Consumer Awareness Guide to Real Property Transactions

How To Buy And Sell Real Estate...Anonymously

This MUST HAVE information contained in the consumer awareness guide is presented by Laura J. Burch, Broker of Houston Fine Homes and Estates. For the first time Laura "pulls back the curtain" and reveals secrets she uses to serve her high profile clients who demand complete anonymity in real estate transactions.


She shares highly valuable and much sought after information on how to keep your sensitive financial and personal data out of the hands of greedy data miners who want your information to pad their wallets, away from rival business associates, unhappy employees, ex-spouses, cyber-stalkers and anyone else who might have a grudge against you.


She covers


  • Where you personally information can be found EASILY and LEGALLY by anyone with a computer and internet connection
  • How to redact your information and STOP public distribution of your personal information by the 800 pound gorillas of the data mining industry including LexisNexis, Westlaw, TLO, ad nauseam
  • How real estate laws favor consumer privacy but are IGNORED (and worse) by the whole real estate industry
  • How the use of Social Media has changed the way the Government accesses and uses your information - WITH YOUR PERMISSION
  • How to determine the size of your digital footprint and how to SHRINK it
  • Never give out your social security number to people who don't need it but do want to sell it
  • How to hide in plain sight
  • Key strategies to guarantee your personal data is protected during a real estate transaction
  • Clever tricks marketers use to extract your sensitive information and how to avoid them
  • Stop cyber stalkers in their tracks
  • What you can do to protect your MOST VALUABLE ASSET - YOUR FAMILY
  • Common methods routinely suggested by real estate agents that are a SHAM
  • One small trick all celebrities use to safeguard their bank accounts and identity

The information Laura presents is NOT for defrauding the government, hiding from law enforcement and all methods suggested are 100% LEGAL!